Hua Hin attractions do not have just the sea and in Hua Hin district. There is also Hin Lek Fai subdistrict with a great viewpoint and many tourist attractions.

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Hua Hin attractions do not have just the sea and in Hua Hin district. There is also Hin Lek Fai subdistrict with a great viewpoint and many tourist attractions.

Hua Hin is considered a city with tourist attractions and many popular landmarks. When it comes to tourist attractions in Hua Hin, most people tend to think of the beautiful sea, good atmosphere, but today we will not talk about the beautiful sea. But we will take everyone to Hua Hin in another aspect which is a place that is popular not less than the sea. Where will there be? Let's see.

1. Huai Mongol Temple

 I believe that we all know ‘Huai Mongol Temple’, a place that formerly known as "Huay Khot Temple". Later, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX, gave a new name from Huai Khot to "Mongkol". This Buddhist temple is home to the world’s largest statue of Luang Phor Thuad, a legendary southern Thai monk, Casted with alloy lap width 9.9 meters, height 11.5 meters, on the base of 3 layers, the bottom floor is 70 meters wide, 70 meters long. With respect, admiration and faith in of Luang Phor Thuad for a long time. Therefore, collaborating with many organizations, both the public and private sectors, to create a statue of Luang Pho Thuad. Her Royal Highness the King in the reign of King Rama 9 proceeded to watch the casting ceremony of Luang Por Tuad on 27 August 2004. Nowadays, it becomes a place where people come to visit or past Hua Hin must frequently drop here to pay respect for blessing to life

In addition, the area around the Buddha image, tourists can go up to admire the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. In addition to paying respect to monks, they can capture some selfie shots with the beautiful scenery together. 

2. Ratchaphak Park

"Ratchaphak Park" by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX has given the name Ratchaphak Park located in the army area of ​​Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province with a total area of ​​222 rai, which has 3 major structures. 

1: 7 royal monarchs of Siam

2: Multipurpose yard built for performing important ceremonies of the army and welcoming important people from abroad including to make a tourist attraction for tourists as well.

3: The museum exhibits history that brings together the history and important duties of the Thai monarchy from the Sukhothai period to the Rattanakosin period.

The remaining space will be the surrounding landscape and the construction of utility systems to facilitate.

The highlight feature of Ratchaphak Park ,which we believe that everyone know very well, it is the monument to the King of Siam created with loyalty to the King. To pay respect and honor the 7 kings of Siam and preserve the country to this day, including

 1. King Ramkhamhaeng the Great (Sukhothai period)

2. King Naresuan the Great (Ayutthaya period)

3. King Narai the Great (Ayutthaya period)

4. King Taksin the Great (Thonburi period)

5. King Buddha Yot Fa Chulalok the Great (Rama I) (Rama 1 of Rattanakosin)

6. King Rama IV [ Rama IV of Rattanakosin ]

7. King Chulalongkorn  (Rama V of Rattanakosin)

Anyone visiting will feel the magnificence of each bronze statue standing in his 13.9 meters standing posture, looking tall, beautiful, and very honorable.

3. Pa La-U
Things to do in Hua Hin are not only visiting the sea, beautiful beaches, fresh food etc. There are also natural attractions like Pa La-U waterfall, which is popular among both Thai and foreigners. They frequented visit for swimming, photography, fresh air and experience the 100% natural atmosphere, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful waterfalls.

Pa La-U waterfall is located in the south of Kaeng Krachan National Park, about 60 kilometers from Hua Hin district, Prachuap Khiri Khan province with a total of 15 floors, flowing down a long way. The 1st-4th floor are suitable for swimming because it is near a path which is not too steep. It is a small waterfall. There is a comfortable walkway. The highlight area of Pa La-U waterfall is on the 4th floor due to the large water basin. And there is a large waterfall. Importantly, in the basin there are still many large fish. Visitors can feed the fish and enjoy the moment closely. The tourists are advised to see the 5th floor, because if going up higher than this, the route will be difficult. If any tourists want to go up to 6th -7th floor, they can go, but there must be a staff expert who travels along every time because the route is difficult to cross.

The ideal time to visit is from September to March because the rain starts to leave. From April to July in the La-U forest, tourists may see a large variety of butterflies especially the Pong Din Din stream or the waterfall.

 If any tourists who want to stay overnight, the park will provide facility. It has accommodation and the tent location. If anyone interested, they can contact at Pa La-U Waterfall National Park, Protection Unit.

Pa La-U, besides the beautiful waterfalls and abundant nature, there is another thing popular that is Durian and Pa La-U pineapple. It is well-known widely that "Pa La-u Durian", a very fine grained leek seed, is very dry, light yellow in color, fragrant and crispy. It is popular produce among the tourists, start selling at the end of June until the end of August.

If anyone is traveling to Hua Hin, it is recommended to stop by. If anyone is visiting around Hin Lek Fai would like to stop by to shop near the resort, Baan Rabiang Khao, after  having durian and pineapple, you can stop by for a coffee and delicious food with a beautiful view at the Co-working Space.
4. Khao Hin Lek Fai View Point

Viewpoint "Khao Hin Lek Fai" or commonly known as "Khao radar", which has a total of 6 view points, a viewpoint that can see the scenery of Hua Hin clearly in all directions. It is a spot for tourists to walk, take pictures and check in as they wish.

The highlight scenic spot will be at the viewpoint 4 and 5 which is very popular since it is easily accessible and it is the most beautiful viewpoint ,especially watching the sunrise from the morning sea and see the evening light of Hua Hin city.

And most  importantly, is the location of the monument of Phrabat Somdet Phra Paraminthra Maha Prajadhipok Phra Pok Klao Chao Yu Hua (Rama VII) was created by the people of Hua Hin and nearby neighbor to commemorate His Majesty's benevolence that has brought prosperity to Hua Hin. 

Viewpoint "Khao Hin Lek Fai" can be considered as another popular check-in point in Hua Hin. If anyone goes to Hua Hin and doesn't experience this place, you are missing something great! Or if anyone wants to see a view of the mountains surrounded by nature in the panoramic mood, it can be seen at the Co-working Space which we, Rabieng Kao, officially opened. There is a delicious menu with a variety of cold drinks available for everyone to sit back and eat and enjoy the view, take selfie shots, capture beautiful pictures.
5. Chang Hua Man
Chang Hua Man Project under the Royal Initiative located on a total area of ​​250 Rai, located in Tha Yang District, Phetchaburi Province. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has given to farmers in order to develop a career promotion for farmers to being successful and being able to sustain themselves and their families.

Chang Hua Man Project according to the royal initiative will be under the care of the 1st Army Region. In the past, the area of ​​Chang Hua Mun project is so drought that nothing is planted. After that, His Highness ordered having the relevant departments to develop the area in order to create an agricultural experiment project. For those who want to study and learn In order to be able to develop, adapt and use in their own land sustainably.
Within the project area, it is endless with beautiful mountain views. The wind blows cool and comfortable. In which all areas are well allocated for agriculture. There are also electricity generation turbines, dairy farms, chicken farms. 

It is considered as a tourist attraction, resting and sitting area, enjoying with your peers and families seeing the view.  Take selfies and capture pictures of happiness together. More importantly, travelers get some knowledge after visiting.
Chang Hua Man Project has become another popular landmark that has been visited frequently by tourists for study.

Chang Hua Man Project under the Royal Initiative Open to the public every day from 09:00 to 16:30 hrs. Free car and tourist guide services are provided.
6. Dinosaur Market
Dinosaur Market considered as another old market of Hua Hin which has been with Hua Hin people for a long time. There are fresh food, sausages, grilled pork, drinking water, fruit and vegetables, clothes and many more. If talking about the highlights of this place, it must be seafood, such as squid, large shrimp, crab, fish. They are so fresh and also cheap. The market opens daily from 16.00 - 20.00 hrs. It is convenient for transportation with parking lot.

If anyone is visiting or coming to relax in Hua Hin near Hin Lek Fai and fancy a bite to eat cheap fresh grilled seafood but have no idea where to find a good place to host a party, you are recommended at the Baan Rabiang Khao Resort. Just inform in advance, the resort will prepare the grilled equipment for completion. You can just come in and find raw materials by yourself.
7. Hua Hin Floating Market
Hua Hin Floating Market is located before Sam Phan Nam Floating Market with a total area of ​​over 40 rai.

For those who are confused if Hua Hin Floating Market and Sam Phan Nam Floating Market is the same or not. Please be noted that it is different even both markets located close to each one, only 100 meters apart.

Hua Hin Floating Market is a market that has a retro Hua Hin style design. The shop building is a greenhouse, single row of wood openwork design. The decoration emphasizes white and red tones in style; its charm makes people come visiting nostalgic of Hua Hin to remind truly past atmosphere. 

Inside the market there are many shops such as clothes, bags, souvenirs, food, and can be sold both on the boat and on land. There is also a service to try the view boat chilling around the floating market, horsecart and paintball. Also, there is a performance to watch every day organized by the floating market.

 With its distinctive, the Hua Hin Floating Market is a popular tourist destination in Hua Hin which anyone visiting can enjoy the beautiful corner to capture photos, check-in, and share them to your social media.
Hua Hin floating market uses the same route as Huai Mongkol Temple, the entrance is on the opposite side of the entrance to Huai Mongkol Temple If anyone has not yet come, do not worry because there are signs telling all the way.

8. Hua Hin Night Market
Hua Hin night market is a popular walking street market in Hua Hin at night. It is full of tourists, both Thai and foreigners which are brought together to taste and shop here. It is considered as the largest collection of night-time food in Hua Hin, including savoury food, fresh seafood, desserts, etc. A lot of stuff, such as postcards, keys, T-shirts, various designs, souvenirs, and everything you can find here.

If anyone has a chance to travel to Hua Hin, make sure you prepare a bundle of money to spend cause you’ll shop till you drop!
9. Black Mountain Water Park 
The Black Mountain Hua Hin Water Park is another popular tourist attraction in Hua Hin. It is a water park with an area of ​​over 4000 square meters which is designed to blend in with mountain nature. 

It is a water park with quality and modern equipment such as a 17 meter high tower, 9 slider pool, including Wave Pool, an artificial sea pool with giant waves almost 2 meters high, to enjoy the thrill of surfing. The waves or the Lazy River is a pond that is a waterway that you can sit on a rubber ring. Let it flow with the stream in a fun way!

Regarding safety, I must say that you don't have to worry. Because the water park has received high safety standards certify and there are lifeguards in charge of taking care the tourists not far away. In addition, there are food zones to serve without having to go far.

If anyone is looking for a place to relax, cool off, the Black Mountain Water Park, Hua Hin is another place to experience. Suitable for all ages especially those who come as a family.

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